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Modern data-focused cloud consulting

With integrity and impact

Vivanti is where naturally inquisitive technologists thrive. We’re building a new home for the best cloud and data minds throughout North America. As a consultant-led, customer-first organization, our people are fully empowered — and professionally obligated — to autonomously act in our clients’ best interest at every turn. So, are you ready to be part of our movement?

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We’re on a mission: To reimagine technology consulting and redefine your expectations. Our people-centric approach to advisory, consulting and managed services put you, our clients, at the center of everything we do — right where you belong. Vivanti is where passionate technologists live and thrive. We’re people who are empowered to genuinely listen to your unique needs, harness our deep expertise and partnerships across all major cloud providers, then collaboratively deliver tailored solutions you’ll love.

From building and migrating apps to the cloud, to automating your processes with AI or unleashing the power of your data with advanced analytics, we can modernize your business to produce sustained competitive advantage.

Agile. Scalable. Connected.

Super-charge your apps, scale your infrastructure, and unshackle your data. Reinvent the way you do business and put your organization at the forefront of tomorrow’s digital economy.



Cloud data services

Deploy. Improve. Repeat.

Boost the output and openness of your tech teams. Experience the best of the cloud, minus the pain, with application replatforming. Streamline infrastructure provisioning. And, enjoy the benefits of continuous integration and deployment by automating app development and delivery.




Personalize. Convert. Retain.

Win and keep more business. Combine and explore data from across multiple client touch points and interactions. Generate and act-on deeper insights that optimize your marketing automation efforts and customer journey.



Digital Customer Engagement

Analyze. Optimize. Automate.

Empower your people to spend more time on productive initiatives and take more effective action. Apply advanced analytics, machine and deep learning to exploit divergent data assets, streamline processes, automate recurring tasks and produce actionable intelligence that drives smarter decision-making.



Artificial Intelligence Services

Organize. Discover. Monetize.

Put your data to work and create a culture of fact-based decision-making that propels your business forward. Enhance the accessibility of your data with secure, shareable and scalable data management strategies. Leverage existing intelligence and reveal hidden opportunities via data transformation and migration. Build a smarter enterprise with astute reporting and analytics.



Analytics & Data Management

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Mission & Company

Mission & Company

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Founder’s Story

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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Our founding members are passionate technologists and even better people.

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Katie Ecklund

Partnering with Vivanti can give Snowflake customers access to a team of consultants with strong client-first principles and deep technical capabilities specifically related to Snowflake’s platform. Vivanti’s style of consulting can play an important role in helping organizations implement solutions and acquire skill-sets required to thrive in today’s data-driven economy.

Katie Ecklund

Director of Partner Alliances US, Canada, LATAM, Snowflake

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