Vivanti is a modern consulting firm focused on the rising demand for a cloud first data driven enterprise

Our Services

All things data

Our mission is to cultivate technical innovation and drive the next era of technical excellence

Cloud Native Computing

Contemporary cloud computing leveraging the best that cloud providers have to offer.

Data Specialization

We live and breathe data. Data quality, transformation and integration are our specialties.

Machine Learning

Vivanti focusses on Artificial Intelligence model development, model re-learning and deploying these in an enterprise capacity.

DevOps / SRE

We specialize in automated cloud-first DevOps. CI/CD and more utilizing the latest tools and techology from market leaders like Hashicorp.

about us


Excellence First

Our mission is to hire the most naturally adept, train them in the latest/greatest technology and give them real, practical experience.

Opinionated, Collaborative, Creative.

Authenticity, Accountability and diversity of thought. We believe in total empowerment, where people are encouraged to consult others, but decisioning always lies with you.

In Vivanti's work culture, we believe it's OK for someone to tell you what goals are to be achieved, but never how to achieve them.

Hiring a consultancy should guarantee the outcome. At Vivanti we operate a no-blame get "the job done" culture. We take a sporting philosophy - nobody remembers the bad passes when you win the game. Clients tend not to hire a consultancy when the job is easy. So when issues arise (not if), we do not let blame associated with issues and hiccups derail us from getting the job done.

Return on Investment = (Value / Cost) x Risk.

At Vivanti We try to understand the core drivers of the business. Typically these tend to be value or risk, as cost is usually known.

We understand the difference between a low governance PoC delivering high value quickly and an enterprise engagement requiring rock-solid delivery and a high degree of governance and communication.

Meet Our Team

Our team

We are passionate about creating and delivering high quality work, meeting the business needs of our clients and ensuring the very best user experience.

team 1

Tony Nicol

Chair / Founder

Founder and CEO of Servian, an 800+ person consultancy that recently sold to Congnizant. As a highly technical person, my passion and goal for Vivanti is to create the worlds best consultancy run by consultants for people who care about making a difference.

team 2

Mike Walker

National Managing Partner

If you never stop learning you’ll always keep an open and creative mind. That is Mike’s firm held belief and as a consummate team builder who is equally passionate about people as he is problem solving he knows a business' most important challenges can only be solved with a people first approach.

team 3

James Hunt

Principal Consultant

A seasoned conference speaker, consultant to enterprises, leader of thoughts, and opinion giver, James has a profound conviction that technology, when applied with thought and deliberation, can truly make the world a better place.

What our customers say


“Consulting is a difficult gig. The folks at Vivanti have a real understanding of underlying business problems and the technology associated with it. Talented people with a good grasp of what's current in the market make Vivanti a really special company.”

Ben Evans CTO, VisualCortex

“It's rare to get to talk to genuine technologists who understand tech at a deep level. Vivanti really helped Consultancy Portal shine with their expert cloud and DevOps advice.”

Daniel Swiegers Senior Developer, Consultancy Portal

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