Snowflake Cloud Data Platform

Unifying your data and creating powerful analytical insights with Snowflake and Vivanti

Boasting 241 of 2021’s Fortune 500 companies as clients, Snowflake is a modern data platform that provides a highly scalable environment to integrate, interrogate, analyze and share organizational data throughout the enterprise. Whether it’s running performant and cost-effective analytic databases, building reliable data pipelines or developing data-intensive apps, Snowflake provides an ideal environment to centralize your disparate data assets, conduct enterprise-grade analytics and share data-driven insights across your business. Discover how partnering with Vivanti can help you get the most from your Snowflake investment.

How We Can Help

Snowflake + Vivanti: Super-charging your most critical data workloads

Snowflake Training

Snowflake training

Work with Vivanti’s certified SnowPros to upskill your team and get the most from your Snowflake investment. Democratize data throughout your organization with Snowflake and Vivanti.

Readiness Assessment

Readiness Assessment

Thinking of moving to Snowflake? Vivanti can review of your current data frameworks, processes, databases, apps and analytics tools. Our assessment report will help you understand the changes you’ll need to undertake and the benefits you can expect.

Implementation planning

Implementation planning

Engage Vivanti’s Snowflake experts, as we design an implementation strategy and roll-out plan to suit your timeframes, budget and overall data goals.

Data & analytics roadmap

Data & analytics roadmap

Want to become a data-driven organization, but aren’t sure how to get there? Vivanti can evaluate the current state of your analytics tools, frameworks and future goals. We’ll deliver a detailed roadmap to help guide you on your analytics journey and achieve success.

Platform health check

Platform health check

Looking to get more from your Snowflake investment? Our SnowPros can conduct a thorough evaluation of your current Snowflake set-up and performance to optimize your environment and help reach your desired goals.

Data governance

Data governance

Whether you’re already a Snowflake customer, or are looking to take the plunge, you need consistent ways of working with your data. Our team can assess your current practices against your desired goals and produce a recommended framework to facilitate overall data quality, management and governance. Work with us to ensure the security and integrity of your data as well as the accuracy of your data-based insights.

Proof of Concept

Targeted POCs

Unsure where to get started with Snowflake? Vivanti can work with your team to deliver highly-targeted Proof-of-Concepts to demonstrate the value Snowflake can bring to your data initiatives.

End-to-end platform deployment

End-to-end platform deployment

Work with our team to implement Snowflake for the first time or migrate your existing data workloads. From designing and architecting your data lake and warehouses, to engineering reliable data pipelines and building data-driven applications, Vivanti can help you get there.

Data Lake

Data lake & data warehouse build

Engage our data pros to design, architect and develop your Snowflake data lake or data warehouses. Let us help build the highly-performant foundation your analytics initiatives need to succeed.

Data Preparation

Data prep, architecture & pipeline design

Engage Vivanti’s data experts to design and build the most efficient data pipelines possible. Discover how to effortlessly prepare, migrate, transform and integrate structured and unstructured data from different systems and sources. Add new data feeds quickly and easily push data-based insights to your analytical solutions and operational systems.

Data Applications Build

Data applications build

Vivanti can help you develop and deliver data-intensive apps on Snowflake. Work with us to cost effectively build apps with near-unlimited performance, concurrency and scale.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting & analytics

Implement a strategy to re-architectect and refresh your apps to improve business performance, optimize IT costs and agility, and deliver the modern user experiences you and your customers crave.

Managed data platform

Managed data platform

Put your trust in the Vivanti team as we actively monitor and optimize your entire Snowflake Data Platform as a fully managed service.

Managed data warehouse

Managed data warehouse

Let the Vivanti team monitor and optimize your data lake and data warehouses on Snowflake. We’ll keep your analytical databases secure, performant and efficient; while you concentrate on running your business.

Your On Call Experts

Your on-call experts

Keep our consultants on speed-dial to help answer your burning questions, add grunt to important projects and extra dev bandwidth at crunch time.

Why we love Snowflake

All your high-performance data workloads in one place

1. Fast analytics at scale

The ideal platform for highly performant and massively scalable analytical databases

2. Semi-structured data at volume

Perfect for building your enterprise data lake, for semi-structured data, at accessible storage costs

3. Breaking-down data silos

Powerful and secure method for breaking-down data silos and sharing data-based insights across your organization

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