Cloud Foundry

The Application Platform Developers love

The Vivanti Cloud Foundry difference.

We believe a sharp and purpose-built tool can act as a multiplying factor for DevOps productivity. Cloud Foundry is one such tool. So is Genesis.

We are the team behind Genesis. We wrote the kits you know and love. We can help you run it in production, whether you have one Cloud Foundry or a hundred.

With a Vivanti Cloud Foundry support contract, you’ve got CF, Bosh, and Genesis experts watching your application platforms so you can focus on solving bigger problems for your application developers. We handle the day-to-day so that you can plan for the year-over-year.

A Vivanti Cloud Foundry support engagement consists of:

  • Upgrades and patches, from Bosh to build packs
  • Expert troubleshooting and incident resolution
  • Backups and data protection
  • 24/7 phone support for when things go bump in the night
  • Application team onboarding and tier 2 support
  • Training for your team on CF and Genesis operations
  • Support for your Cloud Foundry service brokers

At the end of the day, we want to help you run your Cloud Foundry-based application delivery platform, so that you can focus on delivering applications.

Deploy with Genesis

Proven paradigms and vetted configurations

Scale Cloud Foundry with style.

Your Cloud Foundry should look like all of your other Cloud Foundries. Change the names, resize the machines, and renumber the network, but dev should look like prod should look like QA.

With Genesis, that’s not just a dream, it’s a way of life. Kits provide you parameterized deployment artifacts. Each kit wraps up the configuration, topology, and architecture of a single component: your BOSH directors, Cloud Foundry instances, service brokers, Concourse installations, and more.

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Deploy with Blacksmith

Services that make Cloud Foundry shine

Data services at your fingertips.

Cloud Foundry by itself provides little more than routing and a runtime. To build modern applications, and use state-of-the-art application architectures, you’re going to need data and communication systems; message buses, key-value stores, relational and NoSQL databases, and more.

Blacksmith is a Cloud Foundry service broker that uses the technology you already use to deploy CF itself–BOSH–to deploy bespoke service instances to augment your application workloads. Need a PostgreSQL database? Blacksmith can spin one up with a few cf CLI invocations. Need a Redis instance for running PIPELINE communications? Blacksmith can do that too.

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Protect with SHIELD

Backups and snapshots you can rely on

Disaster survivability matters.

Once you’ve got a Cloud Foundry, you’ve got data that needs to be protected. Cloud controllers, BOSH directors, and service brokers all keep track of important details and configuration of your cloud application platform. SHIELD protects that information from outages and loss by taking regular snapshots and storing them in disaster-resistant places like Amazon S3 and Google Blobstore.

We wrote SHIELD because we needed a way to backup not just core infrastructure, but also the application databases and data systems that our developers depend on in production.

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Automate with Concourse

Why should humans do all the work?

You have more important work to do.

Cloud is made to be automated. On-demand compute and storage, networking and firewall configuration, and more are all just an API call away. We combine Genesis with Concourse, the preferred automation and workflow engine for BOSH and Cloud Foundry.

Each aspect of your cloud infrastructure can be deployed via a pipeline; a series of unattended processes that validate, deploy, and then validate again before moving on to the next environment in the list. These pipelines shoulder the burden of shepherding security patches and functionality upgrades from development and testing environments all the way to production.

Not comfortable with that? No worries. At any point, the pipeline can defer to a human operator who can make the final call to either deploy the patch or hold it back.

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Secure with Vault

Manage machine credentials the cloud way

Keeping the keys safe.

With Genesis, you can effortlessly deploy and scale infrastructure. With SHIELD, you can protect the important data assets of that infrastructure. With Hashicorp’s Vault, we can keep the secrets, keys, and passwords safe and sound throughout it all.

Genesis stores all your credentials in a highly-available Vault installation, and communicates with it seamlessly throughout the deployment process, whether you do that manually from the comfort of your favorite jump box, or you automate it to the nines.

SHIELD can snapshot your vault securely out of the box, ensuring that this increasingly more critical piece of infrastructure can withstand loss of disk or file corruption.

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Vivanti Cloud Foundry

Deploy + Protect + Automate + Secure

We have Cloud Foundry experts who can step into your application delivery platform today and help out, whether you just need support and maintenance, or a little more help with new deployments and greenfield projects.

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