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Vivanti Consultants are data people at heart, problem solvers by nature. We bring a level of curiosity, know-how, and genuine technical drive to your data projects. Whether you're looking for advice and architecture or expedited implementation and delivery, we can lend a hand.

Cloud Data Services

Unlock the value of your data assets

Design & Architecture, Integration & Migration, Data Management & Analytics

No matter your platform preference — from Snowflake and HashiCorp, to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure — we’ve got the expertise, technology partnerships and know-how to tackle your most complex projects. Our vendor agnostic approach — combined with our strong convictions and deep knowledge — ensures your cloud transformation journey is smooth and customized to your business goals, meeting your specific timelines and budget.

We deliver the solutions, advice and managed services needed to digitally transform your business, drive future strategy and streamline operations: From leveraging Artificial Intelligence to provide better customer experiences, migrating infrastructure to the cloud to reduce costs and scale fast, or integrating data from different platforms to unearth deeper insights.

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DataOps Automation

Your data, delivered.

Delivering iterative value, fast

Collaboration and mutual respect between developers and IT operations can make or break your data initiatives. Embrace DataOps philosophies and processes to foster a culture of openness and trust.

Work with Vivanti’s DataOps experts to realize transformative speed improvements across test, build, and release of your data pipelines — without compromising on the robustness of your data applications. Enjoy more predictable delivery, faster results and enhanced scalability.

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Customer Engagement

Know your customers like never before

Delivering ultimate customer, user and employee experiences

In today’s digital, on-demand world, it increasingly pays to know your clients — whoever they are, wherever they reside, and however they interact with your brand. But, a burgeoning number of multi-platform interactions makes assessing and optimizing customer engagement both increasingly complex and important. Utilize our customer experience maestros to collect and integrate data from your many touch points, apply analytics to assess the effectiveness of your current customer journey, and use data-driven insights to personalize and perfect each interaction.

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Artificial Intelligence

Making sense of the data tsunami

Build a more intelligent business

It’s an increasingly on-demand, digital-first world. And we’re drowning in data. More tasks to complete and information to analyze, combined with higher expectations of responsiveness and personalization, mean we’re struggling to make the most of it. In fact, operational, development and customer-facing business functions can’t keep-up — let alone harness it for competitive advantage.

Our AI gurus can help you leverage the core tenants of Artificial Intelligence — advanced analytics, machine and deep learning — to automate recurring tasks, processes and continuously improve decision-making.

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Analytics & Insight

Unlock the value of your data assets

Unleash the potential of Your data

Data is the new oil. It’s the most valuable commodity at an organizations’ disposal. But, unless you can effectively and efficiently collect, manage and analyze your data assets, they represent wasted effort and lost opportunity.

Vivanti’s data ninjas can securely structure, integrate and interrogate your data at scale, producing accurate analytical insights and actionable intelligence. Discover how to thrive in the age of Big Data.

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