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Looking to streamline your infrastructure in the cloud? Improve your DevOps practices? Reveal better customer insights with the latest in analytics and AI? Whatever your objectives, we’ve got the partnerships and know-how to drive your technology initiatives forward. Whilst we’ll always advocate for the best solutions that meet each organization’s unique needs, here are some of the core technologies with which we partner to deliver stunning results for you; our clients.

Vivanti Solution Partners

Data and AI

The latest in data storage, transformation, processing & analysis

Fivetran ELT Platform

Fuel data-based decision-making by integrating and acting on your most important data sources at scale with Vivanti and Fivetran. Leverage this future-focused ELT platform, including its first-class range of connectors, pre-built data models, and high-volume data integration capabilities.

dbt Data Build Tool

Combine dbt™ and Vivanti's data expertise to transform you data and the way your data teams work. Transform your data directly within the warehouse to produce trusted datasets at scale for all your operational workflows, reporting, ML modeling, data science initiatives and more.

Snowflake Cloud Data Platform

Work with Vivanti’s data experts to create a single-source-of-truth for data storage and analysis using Snowflake. Drive both strategic decision-making and real-time operational insights with high-performance analytical database solutions. Enable future ways of working.

Dataiku Data Science Studio

Dataiku is an AI and data science platform, enabling organizations to conduct interactive data prep, analytics and data visualizations, ML model building and deployment. Discover how Vivanti can help you harness Dataiku to reach and productionize your AI goals.

Databricks Lakehouse Platform

Use the best of Databricks with tools like Spark and Kubernetes to conduct data transformations at scale. Process massive data workloads, with intelligent batching and data partitioning, which fuel your machine learning models and advanced analytics initiatives.


Continuous delivery, robust applications

TAS & TAP on VMware Tanzu

Tanzu provides the environment and tools to modernize and automate your app delivery practices. Work with our Tanzu Application Service (TAS) experts and unique Tanzu Application Platform (TAP) Readiness Assessment to optimize your investment.

HashiCorp Cloud Platform

Embrace HashiCorp Cloud Platform to automate infrastructure provisioning, security, connectivity and day-to-day management needs for any application on any cloud. Work with Vivanti to deliver applications faster than you thought possible.

Managed Kubernetes with Vivanti

Leverage the world’s pre-eminent container orchestration system to automate the deployment, scaling and management of your containerized applications. Team-up with Vivanti to effortlessly deploy apps on Managed Kubernetes.

Cloud platforms

The foremost cloud environments, configured for your success

Google Cloud Platform

From massively scalable infrastructure and cloud storage solutions, high-performance VMs and SDKs, to the latest in data and API management, Vivanti helps deliver apps and services that future-proof your business with GCP.

Amazon Web Services

From serverless cloud compute services and highly-scalable storage solutions, to the latest in containerization and high-performance databases, analytics solutions and machine learning frameworks, bring your AWS initiatives to life.

Microsoft Azure

From low-code application development and microservices, cloud migration and modernization tools, to multi-cloud solutions and enterprise edge computing, or the latest in cloud-scale analytics and IoT connectivity, Vivanti empowers you to get the most from Azure.

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