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Looking to streamline your infrastructure in the cloud? Improve your DevOps practices? Reveal better customer insights with the latest in analytics and AI? Whatever your objectives, we’ve got the partnerships and know-how to drive your technology initiatives forward. Whilst we’ll always advocate for the best solutions that meet each organization’s unique needs, here are some of the core technologies with which we partner to deliver stunning results for you; our clients.


Unify your data and create powerful analytical insights.

Welcome to the Data Cloud

Partner with Vivanti, a certified Snowflake services provider, to get the most from your Snowflake investment: From implementation and training, data integration and transformation, data architecture design and pipeline builds, to developing data intensive-apps based on Snowflake and more.

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Powering data-driven decision-making with secure connectors for all your apps and databases, high-volume data integration, and automated data pipelines

Extract and Load, with Style

Discover how Vivanti’s Fivetran experts can work with you to build or optimize your data workflows, workloads and create your ideal single-source-of-truth for powerful on-demand analytics.

With its enormous range of connectors, in-platform data orchestration capabilities, and ability to pipe data into your destinations of choice – like Snowflake – Fivetran makes it easy to extract, load and transform your data at scale. Accelerate your time-to-insight throughout the enterprise with Fivetran and Vivanti – from sales and marketing, finance and operations, to support and customer success.

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So, you’ve decided you’re going for it – you’re adopting or extending dbt™. And why not!? It’s an amazing solution, empowering data analysts and engineers to transform data right in your warehouse(s).

The Best (SQL) Transformations

Vivanti can work with you and your dbt implementation – whether dbt Cloud or core – helping to harness your disparate data sources and produce trusted datasets for reporting, ML modeling and operational workflows. With dbt’s technology and Vivanti’s expertise, we can help you build modern, testable and repeatable data pipelines with ease.

Work with dbt and Vivanti to seamlessly manipulate and prepare your data for analysis, while effortlessly scaling with your budget and database. From data cleaning, to data modeling and historicization, dbt empowers data teams with a fully-orchestrated and governed solution that makes testing in production a thing of the past.

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Google Cloud Platform

The best of Google's world-renown engineering talent, accessible to you and your business as you need it.

Ok Google, Where's the Cloud?

GCP encompasses Google’s range of cloud computing services – from virtual infrastructure and data management, hybrid multi-cloud hosting environments and SDKs, to solutions for running containerized apps, analytics and AI initiatives. As the well-funded third-placed provider out of the three major cloud platforms, GCP leans on Google’s engineering prowess to deliver industry-leading solutions in deep and machine learning, Big Data analytics, search and containerization. If you’re a cloud-native business, or want to evolve into one, view the services below to see how Vivanti can support you with GCP.

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Amazon Web Services

As the original cloud services provider, AWS maintains a commanding 33 percent share of the worldwide cloud computing market.

Meet the 'Everything' Cloud

First mover advantage has given AWS more time to develop and refine its service offerings, boasting the broadest available toolset of the Big Three and ranking as the outright leader in Gartner’s latest Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services Magic Quadrant. In that report, Gartner notes “AWS has been the market share leader in cloud IaaS [Infrastructure-as-a-Service] for over 10 years.” Below, read-up on how Vivanti can help you get the most from AWS’ huge array of services.

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Microsoft Azure

Embracing cloud connectivity, the enterprise way

The Enterprise Cloud

Unlike the developer-centric origins of other cloud providers, Microsoft’s cloud platform – Azure – has long had enterprise customers front-of-mind. Azure’s approach to virtualized services makes it simple for organizations to transition their businesses to the cloud – especially for existing Microsoft shops. The Azure platform also facilitates strong interoperability with data centers and is a leader in hybrid cloud enablement.

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Ready to go Native?

Accelerate your business in the cloud today

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