Optimize your Tanzu Application Platform investment

Vivanti, your Tanzu and DevOps experts

Considering the big move to Tanzu Application Platform (TAP)?

Whether you’re a seasoned campaigner who still refers to Tanzu Application Service (TAS) as Cloud Foundry, or have recently embraced TAS, we can help.

Vivanti’s Tanzu and DevOps experts can assess your TAP readiness and provide guidance on how to make the most from your investment. As the app deployment and delivery ecosystem continues to rapidly evolve, work with Vivanti to maximize your platform choices and optimize your dev practices that surround it.

Tanzu Application Platform

At Vivanti, we’re a dedicated team of cloud-native TAS experts who are passionate about helping developers – and the companies they work for – run and manage apps in the cloud as effectively and efficiently as possible.

From leveraging the latest in containerization and delivering additional marketplace services atop Kubernetes, to optimizing Tanzu Service Manager to meet your unique requirements, we can help you fine-tune your technology choices and operational workflows to deploy code faster than ever before. How do we deliver on this promise? Our TAP Readiness Assessment Program.

How We Can Help

Vivanti’s TAP Readiness Assessment

No matter where you are in your Tanzu journey, our consultants have the technical expertise and practical know-how to ensure your platform configurations and associated DevOps processes are optimally aligned to your needs.

Our TAP Readiness Assessment ensures your app delivery practices are as performant as possible – in public or private clouds – with all the compliance and agility your business demands. And, our client-centric approach means you’ll enjoy all the support you need, without the expense of things you don’t. We walk with you to carry out our TAP Readiness Assessment from top to tail, with as much or as little of your staff’s involvement as you want.

TAP Readiness Assessment

Your 2-week pathway to understanding your platform on a deeper level

View and download your copy below:

TAP Readiness Assessment from Vivanti

Why we love Tanzu

Super-charging app development and deployment

1. Different cloud, same experience

TAS works on any cloud provider without altering the fundamental developer experience

2. Deploy anywhere

TAP supports a multi-cloud environment, making it easy to deploy containerized apps on any compliant public cloud or on-premise Kubernetes cluster

3. Repeatable DevSecOps

Highly secure and configurable software supply chains facilitate repeatable DevSecOps

4. Templates facilitate fast AppDev

Pre-configured cloud-native pattern templates enable developers to bootstrap new apps fast

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