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Optimizing Kubernetes-as-a-Service
with Vivanti

Kubernetes is the globe’s most popular container orchestrator – with good reason. The K8s container orchestration engine has enabled dev teams to automate the deployment and management of containerized applications at scale. But, constantly changing application delivery requirements, new solutions, and limited in-house manpower sometimes hold organizations back from getting the best from Kubernetes. That’s where Vivanti comes in. Leverage Vivanti’s Kubernetes expertise and ensure you’re optimally leveraging your Kubernetes-as-a-Service (KaaS) environment. Minimize the time spent deploying, managing and maintaining apps. Discover how to produce better apps, more often, without getting bogged-down in the day-to-day.


How We Can Help

All the benefits of Kubernetes, none of the headaches

Kubernetes Readiness Assessment

Kubernetes Readiness Assessment

Review your current application delivery and deployment workflows, identifying any process or technology changes required to implement and utilize Kubernetes effectively.

Kubernetes Training

Kubernetes training

A thorough top-to-tail run-through of Kubernetes use cases and components; from working with Kubernetes Objects and configuration best practices, to cluster architecture and administration. That way you’ll have the skills to enhance, or take back control of, your Managed Kubernetes environment.

Kubernetes health check

Kubernetes health check

Vivanti will conduct a thorough review of your kubernetes architecture, assess your current set-up against your application delivery practices, and recommend modifications to improve efficiency. Ensure your Kubernetes usage is optimally aligned to application delivery practices and goals.

CI CD strategy development

CI / CD strategy development

Engage Vivanti to assess your Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment (CI / CD) and overall DevOps practices against your application delivery goals. We’ll then deliver a tailored plan outlining how to further automate the your AppDev processes.


Implementation and Configuration

Kubernetes set-up & configuration

Work with the Vivanti team to implement and customize your Kubernetes framework. Following a comprehensive interview process, we’ll configure your Managed Kubernetes environment to meet the specific needs of your engineering and application teams – from setting-up nodes, containers and labelling pods, to load balancing and ensuring your clusters are in the required state.

Kubernetes optimization

Kubernetes optimization

Kubernetes is a true game changer for delivering and supporting containerized apps across a distributed network. But, is your current Kubernetes set-up still meeting your app delivery needs? Are you distributing apps across lots of clusters? How are you running stateful services? How are you handling API service discovery? Are you achieving desired performance at an acceptable price point? Following a thorough review process, we’ll reconfigure your Kubernetes architecture to meet your current requirements.

Build Optimization

AppDev pipeline & build management optimization

Engage Vivanti to holistically review and re-architecte your overall build management and app delivery pipeline. Discover how to fully automate each step of the deployment process, saving you time and money.

Managed Upgrades

On-demand managed upgrades

Vivanti can update your Kubernetes clusters on-demand to ensure you’re always benefiting from the latest versions. Upgrades are also monitored to instantly correct any issues encountered and automatically notify your ops team of any unresolved issues.

Zero down-time scaling

Zero down-time scaling

Vivanti ensures high availability for all cluster components we manage, while enabling you to scale your Kubernetes on-demand by adding additional nodes with zero down-time.


Monitoring & reporting

We can proactively manage your Kubernetes (from cluster monitoring, log aggregation and auto-alerts) – and provide purpose-built dashboards for cost visibility and performance analysis – to monitor the ongoing health of your deployment.

You on-call Experts

Your on-call experts

Keep our consultants on speed-dial to help answer your burning questions, add grunt to important projects and extra dev bandwidth at crunch time.


Why we love Kubernetes

Taking the containerization space by storm

1. Flexibility and scalability

Immense flexibility and near limitless scalability

2. Highly configurable

High configurability, combined with a broad technology ecosystem

3. Broadly supported

Widely supported by all public cloud vendors, empowering you to deploy Kubernetes wherever you like, in your flavor of choice – whether it’s Open Source, GKE, EKS, AKS, Docker EE, VMware Tanzu, or Red Hat OpenShift

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