We are Vivanti, a fully-remote, modern data consultancy focusing on the rising demands of cloud-first, data-driven enterprises. We hire talented and adept people who love solving problems, and invest obsessively in their growth and development.

Due to rapid growth within our markets, We are seeking to add more recruiters to our ranks to bring in new clients as well as deliver candidates!  We seek diligent, thoughtful, and driven technical people who want to build a better consultancy, one based on empowerment, autonomy, and doing right by the customer.  You bring the skills and we will teach you how to consult, how to weave creative solutions to on-the-ground problems, and how to propel your career to the next level.

We are opinionated, collaborative and creative.  We celebrate authenticity, accountability and diversity of thought. We believe in total empowerment, where people are encouraged to consult others, but decisioning always lies with you. In Vivanti’s work culture, we believe it’s OK for someone to tell you the goals to be achieved, but never how to achieve them.

Our mission is to hire the most naturally adept, invest significantly in their growth and development to maximise their ability to over deliver.  We have a preference to promote internally and provide a clearly defined internal promotion pathway accompanied by learning and development.  Our goal is to cultivate technical innovation and drive the next era of technical excellence.

What is Vivanti looking for in a 360 Recruiters?

  • Strong interest in starting a career in sales and belief that they would flourish in a fast-paced environment.
  • Proactive in their search to identify both quality candidates and consulting opportunities
  • Self-starter who has a proven track record of success in a fast-paced environment.
  • Ambition to succeed and eager to learn in a sales setting.
  • Is self-motivated with the ability to naturally network and engage with people from various backgrounds.
  • Previous experience in technical recruiting with Data and DevOps recruiting experience preferred.  Experience recruiting for Snowflake & Hashicorp roles is a plus.

Day to day responsibilities of a Vivanti 360 Recruiter:

  • Liaise with numerous hiring managers to identify and help define the required skill sets within the Data, DevOps and AI/ML areas while assisting them and their customers with their consulting needs.
  • Provide excellent candidate experiences throughout the entire recruitment life cycle from the initial phone call to closing the offer.
  • Gain an understanding of the data consulting space and have the ability to identify consulting opportunities within our clients’ open requirements.
  • Draft and post job advertisements to appeal to top candidates.
  • Source quality candidates by utilizing all recruitment platforms, i.e, LinkedIn Recruiter, cold calling, recruitment database, and job adverts.
  • Perform tasks as assigned by the manager.

Benefits of working at Vivanti:

  • Competitive salary (disclosed at the beginning of the interview process)
  • Medical / Dental / Vision plans picked specifically for both young single professionals and those with families to support
  • 401(k) match, dollar-for-dollar, up to 4% of your salary
  • Flexible paid time-off, designed for adults — take time as you need it, when you need it (and you do need at least two weeks off–preferably contiguous–per year!)
  • Top-of-the-line hardware, whether you want to optimize for horsepower or mobility (mostly MacBook M1s right now)

Beyond that, we have the Vivanti Institute of Technology – an expansive and pervasive learning platform to keep the skills sharp and the mind keen.  Learn more about your chosen specialization, or someone else’s.  Branch out and pick up a new specialization, or even just dabble in a lot of different arcane technical topics.  Whatever you do, we want you to learn and grow.

We also offer you the opportunity to make a workplace that suits you, with colleagues you love and celebrate, support and encourage.

We are Vivanti.  You can be too.

Above all, we’re looking for fun people, with fresh perspectives, and a complete inability to pass up an interesting puzzle or problem to solve.  Come help us build a better consultancy, and have a blast along the way.