HashiCorp Cloud Platform

Delivering productivity through automation
with HashiCorp and Vivanti

The HashiCorp Cloud Platform delivers an environment that unifies and automates the provisioning and management of cloud infrastructure for your applications. HashiCorp’s mission is to help data engineers and app developers spend less time on repeatable tasks, so that they can focus on delivering great analytical insights and applications. Discover how Vivanti can help you standardize and streamline your DevOps practices and optimize your use of HashiCorp – from deploying Infrastructure as Code, to pipeline set-up and build management automation.

How We Can Help

Securely automating your cloud infrastructure challenges with HashiCorp and Vivanti

HashiCorp Training

HashiCorp training

Want to drive better value from your HashiCorp investment? Vivanti can provide training for you and your team across the entire HashiCorp stack; including Vault, Terraform and Consul.

HashiCorp Readiness Assessment

HashiCorp Readiness Assessment

HashiCorp is a powerful DevOps platform. But, how can you best take advantage of its capabilities? Vivanti’s HashiCorp Readiness Assessment reviews your existing infrastructure practices, outlining both the changes needed – and the benefits you can expect – when adopting HashiCorp’s Cloud Platform.

CI CD strategy development

CI / CD strategy development

Engage Vivanti to assess your Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment (CI / CD) and overall DevOps practices against your application delivery goals. We’ll then deliver a tailored plan outlining how to further automate the your AppDev processes.

HashiCorp Health Check

HashiCorp health check

Our independent experts can evaluate the current state of your HashiCorp deployment. Our analysis is presented to you in a report with recommended optimizations to help ensure you’re harnessing HashiCorp to its fullest potential.


Implementation and Configuration

HCP implementation & configuration

Work with the Vivanti team to deploy and customize the entire HashiCorp stack, including Vault, Terraform and Consul.

Secrets Management

Secrets Management enhancement

HashiCorp Vault is the globe’s pre-eminent secrets and encryption management solution. But are you using it to its fullest potential? Work with Vivanti experts to customize Vault to better meet your AppDev goals. Truly incorporate its capabilities into your product design to intelligently protect customer credentials in low-trust environment.

Fit Assessment

Terraform Efficacy Assessment

Terraform is at the forefront of today’s Infrastructure as Code movement. But does your configuration meet your current and evolving needs? Let Vivanti compare your current resource management lifecycle against your ideal workflow. We’ll then architect, implement and templatize the optimal process for your team.

Distributed Network

Distributed network optimization

HashiCorp Consul is an awesome service networking solution. But, is it still meeting your needs? What are your current dependencies? Do your deployment practices suit the way your network is architected? Are you distributing apps across lots of clusters? Are you achieving desired performance? Harness Vivanti’s expertise to address your most pressing networking challenges – from operating microservices, to running cloud infrastructure.

Build Automation

Optimizing pipeline & build management

So you’ve used Packer – HashiCorp’s cross-cloud image gallery solution – to help streamline build management and application delivery. Engnage Vivanti to review your set-up and optimize your configurations to fully automate the process, saving you time and money.


Platform efficiency analysis & optimization

Platform efficiency analysis & optimization

You’ve delved into the HashiCorp stack and successfully set-up a bunch of processes to streamline the cloud infrastructure lifecycle that supports your apps. But, the upkeep is now – ironically – eating into your day-to-day productivity. Engage Vivanti to automate any loose ends in your HashiCorp environment. Spend more time delivering great apps, instead of managing your infrastructure.

Platform Management Services

Your on-call experts

Keep our consultants on speed-dial to help answer your burning questions, add grunt to important projects and extra dev bandwidth at crunch time.


Why we love HashiCorp

Simplifying lifecycle management for DevOps teams everywhere

1. Multi-cloud

Delivers consistent infrastructure automation across multi-cloud environment; including AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle, Alibaba Cloud and VMware

2. Solves four DevOps challenges

Solves four distinct and significant DevOps challenges in one place, offering workflows to provision, secure, connect, and run any cloud infrastructure for any application

3. Enables Kubernetes at scale

HashiCorp enables you to provision, run, secure and update Kubernetes at scale to accelerate adoption

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