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Bursting onto the market in 2008, GCP encompasses Google’s range of cloud computing services – from virtual infrastructure and data management, hybrid multi-cloud hosting environments and SDKs, to solutions for running containerized apps, analytics and AI initiatives. As the well-funded third-placed provider out of the three major cloud platforms, GCP leans on Google’s engineering prowess to deliver industry-leading solutions in deep and machine learning, Big Data analytics, search and containerization. If you’re a cloud-native business, or want to evolve into one, view the services below to see how Vivanti can support you with GCP.

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How We Can Help

Accelerating and optimizing your GCP journey


Cloud Fit Assessment

Review your service catalogue to ensure you’re leveraging your GCP environment to its fullest potential. This can include an assessment of your data and app migration and integration practices.

Data repository review

Data repository review

Examine your GCP database and data warehouse services and configurations to identify potential optimizations.


Infrastructure analysis

A full assessment of your cloud environment – it’s design and architecture; encompassing a review of compute and workloads, API management, containerization and orchestration services.

DevOps Assessment

DevOps assessment

An audit of your current app delivery processes and systems, with a view to improve the speed and quality of software builds, tests and releases.

Advanced analytics probe

Advanced analytics probe

A review of your current data management, integration and analysis practices to develop a roadmap to support advanced analytics, IoT and AI initiatives.

App modernization strategy

App modernization

Vivanti consultants will analyze the capabilities of your current environment, designing an app modernization strategy and roadmap.

Migration and Integration

Migration & Integration

Work with our team to perform both on-premise to cloud, and cloud-to-cloud, migration and integration projects.

Data repository review

Database configuration

Vivanti experts help build and optimize cloud data warehouses, which are both efficient and massively scalable, to meet your growing needs.

Design and Architecture

Design & Architecture

We’ll design, build and configure your cloud environment to lower total cost of ownership, increase productivity and meet fluctuating demand through seamless scalability.

DevOps Accelerator

DevOps accelerator

From provisioning microservices to automating bug testing, our experts can create a DevOps framework that standardizes your dev processes and environments to make deploying code to production faster and safer.

Data Platform Build

Data platform build

We’ll leverage the latest data analytics solutions – from Dataprep and Dataflow, to BigQuery and Analytics Hub – to deliver transformative data-based insights. Let’s combine your structured and unstructured data assets to enable future ways of working with predictive analytics, AI and ML.

App modernization

App modernization

Implement a strategy to re-architectect and refresh your apps to improve business performance, optimize IT costs and agility, and deliver the modern user experiences you and your customers crave.

Fully managed cloud

Fully-managed cloud

We will manage your cloud contract agreements to save you time, resources and keep your virtual environments running optimally.

Platform Management Services

Platform management services

We can help you leverage application management services to keep your operational and analytical cloud platforms running smoothly and delivering outstanding business value.

Your On Call Experts

Your on-call experts

Keep our consultants on speed-dial to help answer your burning questions, add grunt to important projects and extra dev bandwidth at crunch time.

Why we love GCP

Pioneering development and accessibility

1. Open source

Commitment to open source technologies and portability

2. Containerized workloads

Excellent support for containerized workloads and deep Kubernetes expertise

3. Deep Learning

Outstanding Deep Learning capabilities and solutions

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