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Collaboration and mutual respect between developers and IT operations can make or break your tech initiatives. Embrace DevOps philosophies and processes to foster a culture of openness and trust.

Work with Vivanti’s DevOps experts to realize transformative improvements in the speed of software builds, testing and release schedules — without compromising on the robustness of your applications. Enjoy more predictable delivery, faster results and enhanced scalability.


Infrastructure as Code

Forward-thinking organizations are repurposing resources once spent on manually managing IT infrastructure. Embrace Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to automate your configuration management and infrastructure provisioning. Eliminate the need to manually manage infrastructure components — from servers, to operating systems and storage — every time you deploy an application. Then, use open-source automation tools like Terraform to document the desired state of your infrastructure and templatize the entire infrastructure provisioning process.

Application Replatforming

Migrating applications to the cloud, or from one cloud environment to another, can be hard work. Will your apps function as expected without significant refactoring or potentially an entire rebuild? Forget the time, cost and heartache often associated with cloud migrations. Whether you run one app or hundreds, enjoy the best of both worlds as our Application Replatforming experts move your applications to the cloud with minimum fuss and expense. Harness the benefits of cloud scalability and performance without the need for major code changes.


To ensure continuous delivery, you first need to enable your development and IT operations teams to perform continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI / CD) throughout all phases of your application lifecycle. Whether you’re server-less or cluster-ful, work with our DevOps experts to standardize app development environments. Avoid chaotic ‘merge days’, automate bug testing, and iteratively deploy new code to your production environment with minimal human intervention.

Pipeline set-up and automaton

Central to DevOps is the ability to free your organization’s best and brightest from repetitive tasks so that they can deliver high value outcomes. Building on CI / CD best practices, Vivanti works with your internal team to map-out every step in your application development and delivery process. We then take that framework and build a fully-automated application delivery system. Fast-track your ideas from development to deployment with Vivanti.


Super-charging app deployment with TAP

Partner spotlight: VMware Tanzu

In today’s constantly evolving and fast-paced world, modernizing software production and application delivery is a must.

If you’re a Tanzu customer evaluating or getting started with Tanzu Application Platform (TAP), our DevOps experts are here to help. Discover how Vivanti’s unique TAP Readiness Assessment Program empowers you to make the most of your investment.

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