Democratizing AI and data science
with Dataiku and Vivanti

Dataiku is a data science platform that enables organizations to quickly and securely design, deploy and manage advanced analytics and AI applications at scale. Moreover, Datiku empowers organizations to scale machine learning initiatives across the enterprise and share the data-based insights with ease to a range of stakeholders. Dataiku can run on-premise or in the cloud, and is deployable on AWS, Azure, GCP or Snowflake. See how Vivanti works with Dataiku customers, enabling them to accelerate time-to-value through customized training, ML / AI strategy evaluation, deployment and configuration, Data Ops and model building services.

How We Can Help

Applying the power of AI to transform everyday business decision-making
with Dataiku Data Science Studio and Vivanti

Snowflake Training

Dataiku training

Recently implemented Dataiku, hired new data science personnel, or in need of a skills refresh? Vivanti can train your teams on the functions, features and benefits of the Dataiku platform.

Readiness Assessment

Readiness Assessment & Implementation Plan

Considering diving into Dataiku? Engage Vivanti to review your AI and data science processes and needs. Our Assessment Report provides recommendations on next steps and implementation approaches to match your timelines, budget and data science ambitions.

ML & AI strategy evaluation

ML & AI strategy evaluation

Looking to develop your ML / AI strategy and build a true Center of Excellence within your organization? Vivanti can compare your current practices against your stated goals and produce a recommended roadmap for success.

ML Ops Review

ML Ops Review

Whether you’re already using Dataiku, or are considering taking the plunge, our targeted ML Ops Review outlines how to streamline and optimize your operational practices at each step of the ML journey – from data ingestion and batching, model training and tuning, to runtimes and benchmarking.

Data governance strategy

Data governance strategy

To make any data science initiative successful, you need consistent ways of working with your data. Our team can assess your current practices and produce a recommended framework to improve overall data quality, management and governance. Work with us to ensure the security and integrity of your data.

Dataiku Health Check

Dataiku health check

Our independent experts can evaluate the current state of your Dataiku deployment. Our analysis is presented to you in a report with recommended optimizations to help ensure you’re getting the best value possible from your Dataiku investment.

Proof of Concept

Targeted POCs

Aren’t sure how Dataiku can enhance your AI and data science development and delivery? Vivanti can conduct a highly-targeted Proof-of-Concept, focusing on enhancing one process or aspect of your data science workloads or practices with Dataiku’s toolset.


Deployment & configuration

Ask Vivanti to implement and customize all aspects of Dataiku’s centralized solution for AI app design, deployment and management: From data prep and data ops, model training and MLOps, to building and deploying analytical apps and data visualizations.

Data Prep

Data prep & DataOps

Engage Vivanti to help your team design and build data architectures, data pipelines, processes and migration strategies to accurately underpin your AI initiatives with clean, consistent and trustworthy data.

Model Build

Model build

Looking to build a particular ML model to solve a specific business problem, but aren’t sure where to start? Vivanti can work with you to make it happen – from data sourcing and aggregation, to model building and training, deployment and maintenance.

Data Pipeline Build

Model pipeline build

Vivanti will work with your team to harness Dataiku’s Machine Learning solutions to build a full ML pipeline. Package includes: Business problem identification; data collection and cleaning; model building and training; deployment of model in production; model tracking as well as model re-training and overall pipeline automation.

Data Visualization

Data visualization

Engage Vivanti to build the intuitive charts and dashboards needed to effectively share easily consumable insights – derived from your data science efforts – throughout your organization. Empower data engineers, business users and project stakeholders to visually see and understand the outputs of your AI projects and track associated KPIs.

Model Training

Model retraining & maintenance

Keeping your Machine Learning models accurate and performant requires constant effort and diligence. Engage Vivanti to automate and oversee model retraining and optimization.

Data Engineers

Your on-call experts

Keep our consultants on speed-dial to help answer your burning questions, add grunt to important projects and extra dev bandwidth at crunch time.

Why we love Dataiku

Securely streamlining and democratizing data science at scale

1. Large-scale data manipulation

Dataiku makes it fast and easy to conduct large-scale data manipulation tasks

2. Data collaboration

Enables different teams to easily collaborate – including data scientists, engineers and business consumers – on shared analytics projects

3. A central hub for AI AppDev

Provides a cohesive central hub for securely designing, deploying and managing an organization’s AI applications

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