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In today’s digital, on-demand world, it increasingly pays to know your clients — whoever they are, wherever they reside, and however they interact with your brand. But, a burgeoning number of multi-platform interactions makes assessing and optimizing customer engagement both increasingly complex and important. Utilize our customer experience maestros to collect and integrate data from your many touch points, apply analytics to assess the effectiveness of your current customer journey, and use data-driven insights to personalize and perfect each interaction.
Digital Customer Engagement

Customer Data Models

We’re more connected than ever. You interact with your customers through more touch points and data-producing applications than ever before — from email campaigns and your marketing platform, browsing history and Google Analytics; to customer demos and your CRM, and purchase history and your eCommerce solution.

Work with our team of data aficionados to unify your data sources and systems. Build a single view of your customer and their activities. Discover unprecedented insights with powerful customer analytics, empowering you to:

Develop new customer segmentations and better-targeted promotions; perform reliable marketing attribution to determine your most effective marketing channels and campaigns; and predict future scenarios — from client churn, to seasonal sales trends, and propensity to purchase.

Customer Journey Mapping and Analytics

Today, customers demand more sophisticated, omni-channel and personalized brand interactions than ever before. Leverage customer journey mapping and analytics to unearth deeper insights and deliver the seamless experiences your prospects and clients crave. Build and deploy customer activity and insight models to identify, analyze and optimize customer journeys — from acquisition, to activation and adoption. Deploy machine learning techniques and advanced analytics to devise smarter strategies — based on customer journey data — that increase digital engagement, sales conversion, customer satisfaction, loyalty and lifetime value.

Marketing Automation and Optimization

In marketing, there’s increasing pressure to do more with the resources at your disposal. Apply optimization techniques and deploy automation solutions that super-charge your marketing efforts. Work with us to integrate systems, build meaningful data models, standardize your metrics, identify conversion activity, automate processes, produce actionable insights and monitor overall marketing performance. Discover how to efficiently execute more effective campaigns, better-nurture leads into opportunities, and deliver advanced customer engagement.

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