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We created Vivanti on one fundamental premise: To put you, our clients, at the center of everything we do. Where many cloud consultancies look for fast turnarounds, repeatable one-size-fits-all solutions and bigger margins at every opportunity, we take a different approach.

Our philosophy is simple: We empower our consultants to truly listen to your unique challenges, tailor services to meet your specific goals, and do what’s right for you — always. Our aim is to build trustworthy partnerships that last. We’re not just there for the quick wins. We want to help our customers succeed time and time again.

Mission & Company

Your priorities are our priorities

Our cloud-first consultants are here to help meet your technology needs and deliver your business vision.

We offer advice and solutions that align with your priorities and make your life easier; not ours. At Vivanti, we take the time to understand your core business drivers, so that we always deliver the Return on Investment you’re looking for.

We know the difference between a low governance Proof of Concept, which produces high value quickly, and an enterprise engagement requiring rock-solid delivery and strong oversight.

Leading technologies, tailored solutions

We embrace the latest tools and partner with the most innovative cloud and data providers — from Snowflake and HashiCorp, to Google Cloud, AWS and Azure.

But, we know that your technology needs and business objectives are unique. That’s why we’ll work with you to craft an approach that’s right for you. We don’t run a sweatshop, and believe cookie cutters should be kept in the kitchen.

We’re the help, you’re the hero

Our consultants are highly skilled, natural technologists with a passion for driving efficiencies through the cloud and extracting insights from your data.

But we’re not here to brag. We’re here to make you look good. Our ideal engagement is one where we become a seamless extension of your team, help execute your vision, and ensure you gain the recognition you deserve.

You’re always the winner

When you hire a consultancy, you want a guaranteed outcome. To ensure the best results possible, we operate on the concept of total empowerment: Our consultants have the green-light to deliver every engagement how they see fit and to always do the right thing by our clients — no matter what that means for us.

Forget the ‘blame game’

Usually, you don’t hire a consultancy when the job is easy. So when issues inevitably arise — not if, we take a sporting approach: Nobody remembers the bad passes when you win the game. So, instead of letting the odd dropped catch derail the entire game plan, we keep our eye on the ball and get the job done — together.

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