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It’s an increasingly on-demand, digital-first world. And we’re drowning in data. More tasks to complete and information to analyze, combined with higher expectations of responsiveness and personalization, mean we’re struggling to make the most of it. In fact, operational, development and customer-facing business functions can’t keep-up — let alone harness it for competitive advantage.

Our AI gurus can help you leverage the core tenants of Artificial Intelligence — advanced analytics, machine and deep learning — to automate recurring tasks, processes and continuously improve decision-making.

Artificial Intelligence Services

Machine Learning

Machine learning is rapidly evolving the way we do business by automating repetitive tasks and leveraging available data to augment future decision-making.

Work with our data scientists to identify and train the best algorithms and learning styles to support your machine learning initiatives. Scale and optimize many operational activities and processes by applying machine learning practices:

From automating front-line customer service with chatbots, streamlining self-service checkout experiences through object recognition, and bolstering fraud detection with anomaly detection; to improving technology-led communications via natural language processing, and enabling marketing automation at scale — including ad serving, recommendation engines and hyper-personalized offers.

Advanced and Predictive Analytics

Discover how data algorithms, mining tools, integration techniques and statistical analysis can be applied to multiple areas of your business. Move beyond basic historical reporting to facilitate and predict future ways of working that reduce risk, optimize operations and increase revenue.

As a vendor agnostic consultancy, Vivanti has a broad range of vendor partnerships and experience with analytical tools — from Talend and Tableau, to SPSS and Spark.

Computer Vision

In recent years, there’s been huge advances in computer vision capabilities, which enable computers to identify, label, process and classify objects found in image and video content.

Mushrooming volume and availability of visual data sets has both driven demand for computer-vision-based insights and empowered AI experts to better-train models and produce more accurate algorithms. Work with Vivanti’s computer vision professionals to assess and utilize the actionable intelligence buried in your video streams and image catalogues.

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