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Data is the new oil. It’s the most valuable commodity at an organizations’ disposal. But, unless you can effectively and efficiently collect, manage and analyze your data assets, they represent wasted effort and lost opportunity.

Vivanti’s data ninjas can securely structure, integrate and interrogate your data at scale, producing accurate analytical insights and actionable intelligence. Discover how to thrive in the age of Big Data.

Analytics & Data Management

Data Warehousing and Management

Before you can produce trustworthy reports and analysis, you need to know your data is ready for action. Engage our experts to ensure your data can support reliable fact-based decision-making: From designing and developing data warehouses, integrating structured and unstructured data from multiple sources, to evolving your master data management strategy to maintain data quality and consistency across your organization.

Data Migration

Data migration is a fact of life for enterprise IT: Whether it’s transitioning on-premise infrastructure to the cloud, consolidating data centers, replacing servers or storage devices.

Partner with Vivanti to find efficient and secure methods of moving your data to — or between — public, private, hybrid or multi-cloud environments. And, be confident that your chosen strategy and virtual infrastructure cost-effectively supports your data volumes, use cases and workloads, without compromising on performance and data accessibility.

Data Transformation

Today, you have access to more data — and more tools to collect and analyze it — than ever before. But, raw data often needs to be converted from one format to another in order to make it clean and usable across systems and throughout your business. That’s where data transformation comes in. Our team can help prepare your data for analytic processes and business consumption: From data mapping and extraction; smoothing and aggregation; through to loading transformed data into your database(s). See how we can help you clean-up your raw data, perform faster queries, and ultimately transform more data into better insights.

Reporting and Analytics

Once your data is production ready, it’s time to think about how you want to serve-it-up to the business.

Engage our consultants to create meaningful management reports that support better decision-making, visualizations that tell compelling data-driven stories, and impactful dashboards that initiate action.

Empower both strategic and operational business functions to discover insights that can be explored on any device and shared throughout the enterprise. Even embed analytics within your existing workflows to deliver context-aware alerts. Let us help you extract transformational value from your data.

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