Data and DevOps Digest, episode 6

Welcome to Data and DevOps Digest, brought to you by cloud consultancy, Vivanti. A news and analysis podcast, we cover the trends, thought leadership and announcements happening in today’s Data, DataOps and DevOps space.

Topics span from data analytics and reporting, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence and digital customer experience, through to DataOps, App Replatforming, CI / CD and more.

Episode six looks at six areas that went through the industry news cycle over the past fortnight:

1. GitLab backflips on data retention policy

2. Does AI mainstream success rest on bridging the DevOps divide?

3. Is the Data Scientist on the brink of extinction?

4. Top challenges for adopting data, analytics and AI technologies

5. The rise of the Customer Data Platform amidst a cookie-less future

6. What are the benefits of hybrid data models?

Looking for some bite-sized chunks? View each story individually below:

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