Hybrid Data Models Webinar

Identifying When to Use Hybrid Data Models

Blended architectures for modern data challenges

Today, over 80% of data warehousing projects fail to achieve desired business goals (Data Science Central). Why? Poor data modeling.
Join Vivanti’s session to discover how a hybrid approach to data modeling – enabled by new data integration and transformation tools, like dbt™ – delivers the balance between responsiveness and robustness that your business craves.
Leave the sins of brittle ETL pipelines, inflexible reporting, and problematic data governance where they belong – in the data warehousing doldrums. See how to deliver modern Cloud Data Platforms that move at the speed of business.

Wednesday 28th September 2022
2pm – 3pm, New York EDT

Limited seats available: This session takes a maximum of 100 registrants. Act now to claim your seat.

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About The Webinar

Why attend?

Attend this thought leadership webinar as we dissect the attributes you should analyze to help establish the best architecture for your needs. Our data consultants then share advice for delivering successful data warehousing projects in the wild.

Assessing your needs

The first part of the webinar will identify and explore the core data inputs, analytical outputs and business demands that will shape your required approach.
Deep Learning

Time to insight required

Do you need fast query performance to deliver near-real-time insights? Or, will most queries power strategic analysis of trends over time?

Data Prep

Data volume and velocity

How much data is your business producing and hoping to use for reporting and analytics? What’s the speed at which data is generated, distributed and collected?

Pipeline Build

Data variety and veracity

How disparate is the data you’re collecting? Do you have structured and unstructured data sources? And how much data prep work is required to make it sufficiently clean and usable?

Reporting and analytics

Reporting needs: Integrated or narrow?

What’s the breadth of data required to meet your reporting goals? Do you need cross-functional slices of data to deliver enterprise-wide insights? Or, will most reporting focus on single business processes?

Data Prep

Volatility of data sources and reporting demands

Once established, will your data sources and types of reports remain fairly static? Or, do you expect that new data sources and reports will be regularly required?

Pipeline Build

Project funding, deadlines and organizational buy-in

How well funded is your data warehousing project – both near-term and over the long haul? Are executive sponsors willing to invest in in-house talent to support data initiatives long-term? And, what’s the delivery schedule look like – how quickly do tangible outcomes need to be delivered to the business?

Getting it done in the real-world

The second leg of the webinar will build on the criteria established and examined in the first half. Vivanti’s data consultants then offer advice for successfully executing hybrid data warehousing solutions.
Readiness Assessment


Vivanti’s data consultants will present an assessment matrix that helps to match your data inputs, analytical outputs and business demands to the best architectural approach. You’ll receive a copy after the webinar too.

Best practices for building blended architectures

We’ll share battle-tested approaches for building and deploying hybrid data models in the real-world. We’ll discuss optimizing information retrieval in dimensional, de-normalized and hybrid contexts.

Application Build
to consider

We’ll pinpoint and justify the best-of-breed tools we recommend harnessing to deliver hybrid data warehouses and data platforms generally.

A roadmap to success

Vivanti’s data consultants will present the steps and priorities we recommend to ensure a successful hybrid DW project. You’ll receive a copy of our roadmap after the webinar too.

Case studies to learn from

We’ll present a selection of real-world examples, illustrating successes to replicate and missteps to avoid when delivering your own hybrid data warehousing initiatives.

Pipeline Build
Q&A with our experts

Stick around for the dedicated Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

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