webinar - how to build a Customer Data Platform

Is Digital Marketing Important to Your Company? Then now’s the time to change:

From a Data Management Platform to a Customer Data Platform

Data-driven marketing has never been more critical to company growth. But, change is in the air. With third-party cookies on the brink of extinction, your capacity to capture, analyze and act on first-party customer data is increasingly vital. Google is blocking third-party cookies by 2024, so sitting on your hands isn’t an option.
Join data-focused consultancy, Vivanti, as we share top tips and lessons learned for building Customer Data Platforms (CDP) and extracting the best insights possible. Learn how to drive strong digital marketing results with first-party data.

Thursday 15th September 2022
3pm – 4pm, New York EDT

Limited seats available: This session takes a maximum of 100 registrants. Act now to claim your seat.

Discover the steps, frameworks, tools and strategies to build, maintain and effectively harness a CDP to underpin data-driven marketing, sales and customer success initiatives.

About The Webinar

Why attend?

Listen-in as we discuss and demonstrate six core steps in your post-cookie CDP journey:
Readiness Assessment
Planning for success

Building a robust business case and assembling your cross-functional team.

Pipeline Build

Defining the data you need

Identifying the data you actually require to make meaningful business impact.

Reporting and analytics
Metrics for success

Establishing what you need to measure, how you need to measure it, and benchmarks for success.

Data Prep
Data capture and management

From data landing, transformation and integration; to the methods and policies that guide your data practice.

Data Platform
Data platform build

Establishing the architecture and tools you need to create a single source of truth that facilitates your data use cases and enables your data vision.

Meet the Team
Creating a data culture

Empowering decision-makers with the timely, intuitive analytical insights they need and the autonomy to take data-based action.

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Vivanti is a modern data-focused cloud consulting company with a consultant-led, customer-first approach. Vivanti consultants are organizationally empowered, and professionally obligated, to advocate for clients’ best interests at each step of every engagement — just as doctors or lawyers are entrusted to do.

Vivanti’s mission is to deliver impactful cloud experiences and data-driven innovations that promote a new level of customer-centric operating standards across the US technology consulting industry. Based in New York City, with offices in Manhattan and Washington DC, Vivanti offers advisory, consulting and managed services across all major cloud platforms. Specializing in the latest cloud data technologies, designed to facilitate digital business transformation and future ways of working, Vivanti’s cloud consulting services include Analytics and Data Management, Artificial Intelligence, DataOps and Digital Customer Engagement.

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